Vivid Foundry
Based in Toronto, Canada

Founding date:
November 2013


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Vivid Foundry is an interactive arts and independent game development studio founded by Tanya Kan, focusing on storied, atmospheric, and artistic experiences. Vivid Foundry's games explore empathetic and human dramas, cultural change and what makes us unite as diverse communities.


Early work

In March 2013, Tanya Kan had just completed an immersive and life-changing internship at a VFX studio in Hong Kong, and all of her travel experiences and friendships re-energized her passion for creative writing. Her earlier undergrad degree in Political Science and Cinema Studies further helped her hone her voice in shaping experiential stories. Since then, she has taken on work that privileges interactive media, including store displays and product demonstrations, and interactive real estate experiences using Unreal Engine. Over time, she developed prototypes for games that is driven by narrative exposition as the key gameplay experience. With collaborators and advisors within the local community, she has created playable prototypes that explore non-linear storytelling in the game demo "Scar Tissue", and contributed as lead artist to an Oculus multiplayer tag game demo called "Double Blind".

Current development

Through multiple iterations and frequent gameplay prototyping, Tanya is independently developing "Solace State" for commercial release. It is a Visual Novel that deals humanistically with themes of social trust, political factionalism, and communal friendships, in a futuristic city that is embattled with unrest. It is currently being developed in Unity 5 with 3D scenes and features a complex storyline where character motivations within their social spaces is key to how the story unfolds.



Solace State Mood Trailer Vimeo

VR Game Jam 2013: Double Blind Vimeo



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Toronto Arts Council Grant" - Level 1 Award Grants to Media Artists for "Solace State", 2014

Solace State Twitter
Twitter for Solace State announcements twitter.com.

Tanya Kan's Twitter
General Twitter discussion on art, development, and life twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Tanya Kan
Lead Game Designer, Founder

Henry Faber

Nina Bascos
Assistant Producer

Mikki Benaglia
3D and 2D Artist, Freelancer (2013, 2014)

Blake Withers
3D Artist, Freelancer (2013)

Robert Richard
Programmer, Freelancer (2013)

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