Introducing SOLACE STATE

A 3D visual novel about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she seeks out her friends in a sci-fi surveillance society. Make challenging choices in a city fractured by inequality and intrigue, and shape different factions that are fighting for their livelihoods.

The Story

“Our future, our design!” In the near future, Abraxa Harbour city-state is hailed by its wealthy as the crowning jewel of thriving markets and cosmopolitan culture, at odds with the increasing number of destitute who live in the shadows of its skyscrapers. But this is the year that even students and workers see their future dwindling away, and they rally to form a society different from what the city’s strongholds have authorized. A young woman, Chloe, is in many ways an outsider, a newcomer who finds Abraxa full of forbidden and cryptic histories. But she must strike deep into the storied urban streets in order to reunite with her friends, who have embedded and braced themselves to defend their livelihoods. Can she reunite them across ideological divisions, or are some of them better off alone with their ambitions? With her machine-aided perception to see into reclusive worlds and associations, how will Chloe negotiate her hopes and fears in the midst of turbulent revolution?

“By rights, this should have been my home.
Instead, this place tears out those who did not serve its vision of modernity.
But such contempt breeds ruptures,
Fractures that seek reprisal and refuse to settle for less.”

Visual Novel Features

  • Dynamic Storytelling

    An unconventional 3D Visual Novel story where the choices in your negotiation prowess matters to affect the outcome of the city

  • Gorgeous 2D and 3D art

    Hand-drawn characters and handcrafted 3D backgrounds

  • 3D orthographic reading

    Unique introspective scenes where you must break the city’s architectural “site-lines” with a hacking aesthetic to get to the heart of the story

About the Development

Ever since adolescence, Tanya Kan has dared to dream. For stories that bring about a better world. For stories of hope.

Solace State first rose out of a desire to converse about personal roots and identities, in a world where immigration, cultural exchanges, and diaspora are commonplace. Where borders are porous and experienced differently by people, depending on their socioeconomic factors.

In 2016, Tanya Kan traveled to examine political development in East Asia, comparing to her experiences at home in North America. Her interview stories inspired and coalesced into the beginnings of a 3D visual novel that highlights character growth, and the formation of strong ties between friends, values, and communities. By world-building a completely original sci-fi society, Tanya presents a tense surveillance state that erodes our freedom of movement and diverse cultural practices. Together with a team of talented specialists and developers, Solace State is gradually flourishing to life.

Solace State will be a first commercial product to position Vivid Foundry as a company that encourages an audience brimming with ideas about socially positive movements and advocating for marginalized stories.

Lead Characters

Chloe Lee

Chloe Lee

The protagonist, is 22 years of age and a recent grad who seeks to reunite with her best friend and mentor of many years, Rebecka, in Abraxa city.

Chloe is a rare type of hacker known as an iconohacker who can innately change code at will. Chloe specializes in identity manipulation and change for herself and for others.

Rebecka Chan

Rebecka Chan

31 years old, she is also a talented hacker who is capable of MacGyvering the most unusual code, and has nurtured Chloe on how to control her own talent.

If there is anything that she wants, it’s to be capable of protecting her friends and finding a safe home in a culture that she is familiar with.



A 20-year-old Abraxan local, with a knack for getting involved with helping schools with their community building and their Network security.

He is also an iconohacker who specializes in travel, locational markers, and obfuscating locations.

Alden Aldridge

Alden Aldridge

24 years of age, he is the eldest male heir of the Aldridge family. He met Chloe in political science class four years ago.

Chloe and Alden were each other’s first loves. In the aftermath of their relationship, Alden decided to strike out on his own with building his own career path.

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