My name is Tanya Kan.
Tanya Kan Profile PicI am a video game designer and a digital artist.

I am passionate about new media design and game development because they offer unique interactive experiences for collaborative and immersive stories. Through game-making, I explore diverse media that encourage audiences to experiment with the narratives that they participate in. I also value games and interactive media as a great tool for education and social engagement. My goal is to create the kind of games that resonate on an artistic, poetic, and intellectual level, similar to the breadth and depth of films and literature that we value as classics and avant-garde. In practical terms, I focus on creating games that privilege strong storytelling systems and mechanics.

I enjoy the intense process and involvement that comes with developing new game worlds and original IPs. I am proficient with Unity 4 and Unreal 4 in my ideation-to-production development cycle, with experience in 2D and 3D games. In my independent practice, I balance between fiction writing, art direction, digital art execution, and project management, to realize projects of varying breadth and scope. In my freelance and contract work, I have managed production pipelines and asset management for projects on UDK and Unreal game engines, 3D modelling, texturing and rendering in 3DS Max, communicated memos and promotional scripts, and created original illustrations for print and promotion.

My academic passions matter to me in crafting out my niche and style as an independent game designer. I have enjoyed my post-secondary education in political science and cinema studies. They offer multivariate ways to frame and perceive aesthetics and society, its fears and dreams, and are therefore a key part of my toolbox to develop fully realized worlds. Meaning and emotion in entertainment media are often informed by sociopolitical realities and events; It is thus an exciting part of my work to examine and design narrative forms that articulate multiple philosophies.