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Developer of Solace State

Now available on Steam and Xbox!

Visual Novel Solace State follows the trajectory of a troubled young woman who must reunite with her friends in a biotech city threatening revolt. Can Chloe become an activist to bring about freedom of her city?

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  • Crafted with love

    Passion is at the core of each of my projects. Sharing a vision is at the cornerstone of every engaging product.

  • Playful new technologies

    I am delighted to experiment with new developer tools, including game engines, VR and motion-capture technologies.

  • Let’s tell stories

    Let’s have a conversation about the story that you want to tell! Stories can be leveraged to engage both companies and their audience and consumers.


Vivid Foundry is emboldened by the value that ideas connect people, that the lifeblood of ideas is in good communication and storytelling.

I am driven to create sustainable experimentation and innovative growth at every stage in a creative process, from content producers, to clients, to audiences. It is about listening to what matters to one another. It is in such an environment that we empower diverse voices in an interconnected, emergent social world.

Tanya Kan’s tech proficiencies

  • Photoshop for over 18 years
  • Game development pipeline for over 6 years
  • Game engines: UDK and UE4, Unity, Twine, Ren’Py
  • VR development: Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR
  • 3D: 3DS Max, zBrush
  • Premiere and AfterEffects
  • InDesign and Illustrator
  • Creative Writing, Game Writing
  • Narrative and Creative Consultation
  • Social Media & Web Content Creation
  • Grant Writing and Copywriting
  • Project Management
  • Business and Marketing Strategy and Development
  • Teaching at the post-secondary university level
  • Experience speaking and pitching abroad
  • A desire to learn, communicate and network!

Solace State: Screenshots and Artwork


Sueli (left) and Chloe about to kiss in front of skyscrapers. The logo says "Solace State", with text "Now available on Steam and Xbox" below.

Solace State: Emotional Cyberpunk Stories is now available!

Unite the people and ignite the revolution. As a hacker, make…
2023-10-01/by Tanya Kan
Torrent and Chloe are sitting at a table with a red and white chequered table cloth. On the table is a white ceramic coffee cup and two copies of Alden Aldridge. He is a man with blonde hair and a white and purple floral suit and is the same height as the cup of coffee.

At Solace State, What Does a QA Tester Do?

Solace State is a visual novel that requires a lot of testing,…
2023-10-01/by Tanya Kan

Solace State year 2021 in review

Solace State in 2021 has seen more production development from both myself and our larger team than in any previous year. But, on the other side of this is the vulnerability of tapping into myself to write fiction about social trauma and transformation, while experiencing my own grief and loss.
2022-01-07/by Tanya Kan

Steam Streaming companion guide: 5 tips for streaming

This is meant to supplement the already fantastic How To Market…
2021-09-20/by Tanya Kan
Solace State Tanya Kan and Gabi Kim Passos at GDC 2019

Solace State: 2019 Year Review

Solace State has seen both challenges and growth in 2019. We've also got a chock-full of pictures to share with you. Let's celebrate our efforts from 2019 - from GDC, to Kinda Funny Games E3 showcase, to TCAF Comics x Games, and more!
2020-01-12/by Tanya Kan

Solace State in Netherlands, New York… and soon, Seattle for PAX West!

Summer 2018 has been a season to remember for Solace State!
2018-08-14/by Tanya Kan

Solace State updates in energies, bizdev and social impact learning

Tanya Kan reporting in: There’s been a lot of behind the scenes…
2018-03-25/by Tanya Kan

[Press] IGN: Women in Video Game Development in 2017: A Snapshot

It was a joy to be interviewed by Lucy O'Brien, IGN Games…
2017-12-27/by Tanya Kan

Eviction Notice direction and design notes

GDC17 was a great time, and I was happily surprised by the positive…
2017-05-01/by Tanya Kan

[Press] Versions: Inside Eviction Notice

I've a delightful time speaking with Caty McCarthy, editor…
2016-12-09/by Tanya Kan

DMG Speaker Social: Talk on Eviction Notice VR Development So Far

I had a great time on the evening of 2016-Nov-19 presenting to…
2016-11-23/by Tanya Kan

BMCAA 10th Unconference Talk: On Narrative Design

I had a great time presenting at U of T Biomedical Communications…
2016-11-23/by Tanya Kan
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Solace State’s Select Press

“It’s the game’s meditation on the nature of rebellion, its psychology and its costs, that really make it… The result rhymes hacking with psychology.”

“It looks like an engaging visual-novel experience, and a unique one, given its overt political themes, including such zeitgeist issues as immigration and surveillance.”

“A cyberpunk game from a marginalized creator who is explicitly trying to tackle some key themes that the best cyberpunk works do… It is such a flip of the traditional “orientalist”, exoticized [East], and it’s also meant to reflect the local scene has been overrun by power from outside, it’s a game about power relations and hegemony.”

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