Picture by Emi Spicer at Indiecade East 2016

Small-scale project management, game narrative writing, design:

These are Vivid Foundry’s core strengths.

Founder Tanya Kan has helped two studios build their game development pipeline from the ground up, including VFX Nova (award-winning studio in Hong Kong), which hired over 200 artists and talents in 2012-2013.

She has been asked to speak as an industry expert at universities, including U of T’s Cinema Studies program, Ryerson/York’s joint Communication and Culture Conference, U of T’s Biomedical Communications Unconference, and Humber College, and has taught in OCAD/U of T’s joint 3/4th year Game Design class. She has also been invited to speak at international conferences such as Indiecade East, Different Games NY, and TIFF Industry as a panel guest and as an expert at a networking roundtable to bring more film industry specialists into interactive new media pipelines. She has been the consultant for startups and film-makers interested in developing small-scale video games. Most recently, she was a Narrative Consultant for East Asian representation in Celeste (2018) by Matt Thorson and Noel Berry.

Vivid Foundry is not currently seeking commissions, but we welcome the opportunity to consult with you. Additionally, we always want to hear from future collaborators. Our mandate focuses on socially responsible innovations and storytelling. If you have an interactive digital media project in mind that takes on a social innovation perspective, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

For full list of Tanya’s speaking events, showcases and press, please click here.

Header image by Emi Spicer, taken at Indiecade East, 2016.

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