Vivid Foundry
Based in Canada

Release date:
Sept 14 2023



Regular Price:

TBA on release date


In this cyberpunk visual novel about friendship, civil rights, and the biotech revolution, play as Chloe, a young hacker who comes into her political awakening as she empowers the people around her in a militarized biotech city. Form friendships and relationships while enacting impactful change that will decide whose voices matter. Push back against social repression! Utilize the power of “social hacking” to understand the complex dynamics and issues plaguing the political climate at large and locally. How far will Chloe go to protect her friends and communities struggling to have a future worth living for? Whatever you choose, Choe’s personal challenges intersect with her politics. Her hacking abilities allow her to take on another person’s identification and find encrypted data at the top of someone’s thoughts. With such abilities what does it mean to exist freely? In a world where more and more folks are having their plans for their future squeezed out, will Chloe's actions incite violent backlash... or bloom into hope?


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