Picture by Emi Spicer at Indiecade East 2016

Small-scale project management, game narrative writing, design:

These are Vivid Foundry’s core strengths.

Tanya Kan is the Creative Director and Executive Producer of Vivid Foundry, an interactive digital media studio emphasizing artistic, human stories about social trust. She found her start in helping two studios build their game development pipeline from the ground up, including VFX Nova. She has spoken at international conferences and expos such as Indiecade East, Different Games, TIFF Industry, Game Devs of Color Expo, LudoNarraCon, PAX x EGX, and DevCom. Her award-winning game Solace State is an official selection for exhibition at PAX, EGX Leftfield, LudoNarraCon, Game Devs of Color, and more, with 49 video game press and papers, including exclusives from The Verge, Rock Paper Shotgun, and Input Mag.

As a studio owner, Tanya can share about game design with a specialization on narrative design, game writing, game art pipelines, studio management, game exhibition, PR and marketing.

For full list of Tanya’s speaking events, showcases and press, please click here.

Header image by Emi Spicer, taken at Indiecade East, 2016.


As a Transmedia Zone Tech Advisor, how can Tanya Kan help you?

  • How to engage game press: Includes press kits, press emails, timeliness, how to do interviews, building up themes and stories
  • Narrative for games and IDM: Includes how to hone in on your key ideas, making your world-building come to life, consulting for cultural representations, narrative scope, and fitting narrative with gameplay
  • 3D game arts and development pipeline: Includes low-poly game dev suitable for mobile, PC, VR, production management, scope, 3D game arts from concept to modeling to publication in engine
  • Grant writing: Includes how to present your ideas and experience to suit the needs of IDM grants and travel grants
  • Game conference/expo cycles: Includes how to reach out to meet potential partners, funders, platforms for a first-time game dev, and how to submit for exhibition applications
  • Industry talks: Includes how to write applications for talks and prepare for talks with technical and artistic components, aimed at industry

As a Ryerson TMZ Zone Member, you can schedule with Tanya Kan on the Transmedia Zone Discord! Please see Kadrah, Dan, or other staff for more details!