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My interactive Visual Novel, Solace State, follows the trajectory of a troubled young woman who must reunite with her friends in a city threatening revolt.

By connecting with the people around her, can she overcome both the tyranny of the great and the divisiveness of the masses?

  • Crafted with love

    Passion is at the core of each of my projects. Sharing a vision is at the cornerstone of every engaging product.

  • Playful new technologies

    I am delighted to experiment with new developer tools, including game engines, VR and motion-capture technologies.

  • Let’s tell stories

    Let’s have a conversation about the story that you want to tell! Stories can be leveraged to engage both companies and their audience and consumers.


Vivid Foundry is emboldened by the value that ideas connect people, that the lifeblood of ideas is in good communication and storytelling.

I am driven to create sustainable experimentation and innovative growth at every stage in a creative process, from content producers, to clients, to audiences. It is about listening to what matters to one another. It is in such an environment that we empower diverse voices in an interconnected, emergent social world.

Tech proficiencies

  • Photoshop for over 18 years
  • Game development pipeline for over 5 years
  • Game engines: UDK and UE4, Unity 5, Twine, Ren’Py
  • VR development: Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR
  • 3D: 3DS Max, zBrush
  • Premiere and AfterEffects
  • InDesign and Illustrator
  • Copywriting, creative writing, game writing
  • Narrative and Creative Consultation
  • Grant Writing
  • Project Management
  • A desire to learn, communicate and network!
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