Upcoming Showcases & Talks

  • May 31 & Jun 3, 2017: Different Games Toronto, playable demo of Solace State
    Toronto, OCAD McCaul Street Gallery & Gamma Space
  • Jun 13- 15, 2017: E3 attendance
    Los Angeles, Los Angeles Convention Center
  • More to be announced soon!

Previous Showcases, Talks, Major Attendance

  • Mar 2 & 3, 2017: Ontario Media Development Corporation GDC Play Booth, playable demo of Solace State
    San Francisco, Moscone Center North Hall
  • Mar 2, 2017: Ontario Social at GDC by OMDC, playable demo of Solace State
    San Francisco, Cockscomb
  • Jan 24, 2017: iON Kingston: Virtual reality Exhibition, Presentation & Networking, playable demo of Eviction Notice (Henry Faber is in attendance, Carly Rhiannon is setting up, Tanya Kan is not in attendance)
    Kingston, ON, Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts
  • Dec 17, 2016: DMG Holiday Social + 2016 Member Showcase, playable demo of Eviction Notice and Solace State
    Toronto, Gamma Space
  • Dec 1, 2016: Remember, Imagine by Own the Walls, playable demo of Eviction Notice at opening reception
    Toronto, Centre for Social Innovation-Spadina
  • Nov 19, 2016: BMCAA Unconference, “Designing for Narratives in VR and Visual Novels” talk and playable demo of Solace State and Eviction Notice
    Toronto, University of Toronto MScBMC
  • Nov 19, 2016: DMG November Social + Hyperreal Jam Showcase, talk and playable demo on Eviction Notice 
    Toronto, Gamma Space
  • Oct 29, 2016: Akimbo Toronto Arts Show VR, playable demo showcase for Eviction Notice
    Toronto, Gamma Space
  • Apr 30, 2016: Indiecade East, with talk entitled “Solace State: The People’s Negotiation on the Politics of Affect”
    NYC, Museum of Moving Image
  • Apr 18, 2016: Make Games With Friends, Lightning Talks
    Toronto, Gamma Space
  • Apr 8-9, 2016: Different Games Conference 2016, with talk entitled “Solace State: The People’s Negotiation on the Politics of Affect”
    Brooklyn, NYU MAGNET
  • Mar 11-12, 2016: Intersections Cross-Sections 2016, playable demo showcase for Solace State
    and panel “2Ludic: Re-Negotiating Relationships with the Adolescent Self”
    Toronto, Ryerson University, Image Arts Building
  • Feb 27, 2016: Dames Making Games’ February Speaker Social on the process of visual novel design on Solace State
    Toronto, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace
  • Feb 25, 2016: Transferable Skills Workshop, a university panel on how I got into the indie games community and industry
    Toronto, University of Toronto Innis College
  • Dec 8-9, 2015: Bit Bazaar XL at the Canadian Video Game Awards, two-day table showcase for Solace State demo
    Toronto, Mattamy Center at the Gardens
  • Mar 2-6, 2015: Game Developers Conference, attendance as part of the DMG-GDC Scholarship
    San Francisco, Moscone Centre
  • May 24, 2014: Dames Making Games’ May Speaker Social: talk on Scar Tissue demo with Mikki Benaglia
    Toronto, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace
  • Feb 2, 2014: Nerdstorm Indesology, 2 hour seminar on critical theory of video games and interactive media
    Toronto, Centre for Social Innovation
  • Dec 11, 2013: Game Design for Artists at Akin Collective: 3 hour Twine workshop with Dan Murtha
    Toronto, Akin Landsdowne Studios
  • Dec 7, 2013: Winter Bit Bazaar 2013, arcade public showcase of Babel prototype (now called Solace State)
    Toronto, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace
  • Nov 9, 2013: Game Curious, arcade showcase of Double Blind with Rob Richard
    Toronto, Academy of the Impossible
  • Oct 19, 2013: Dames Making Games’ Snacktember Jam ShowcaseEncasement exhibition
    Toronto, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace
  • Sep 10, 2013: Dames Making Games September Speaker Social: 20 min seminar on Double Blind’s art tech
    Toronto, Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace
  • Jul 26, 2013: Design Critique Roundtable at the Toronto Skillswap, 15 min pitch presentation on Babel (now called Solace State)
    Toronto, George Brown College
  • Jun 28, 2013: Talking to the Press at the Toronto Skillswap, Q&A panel with Eric Weiss as a special guest
    Toronto, George Brown College

Please get in touch with me at tanya (at) vividfoundry (dot) com for any booking inquiries for talks, workshops and showcases!