The goals for this project was to create a 3D showcase of a future mall’s realty development, with seamless visibility between exteriors and interiors, with beautifully realistic and polished next-generation art. It is showcased on high-resolution touch-screen devices for a fully-featured real estate experience.
My contributions to this project includes:

  • Lead in research and development for engine pipeline for a large-scale, fully visible exterior to interior realistic rendering
  • Collaborated with art director, 3D artists, and programmer to set standards and pipeline. Particularly, creating tutorials and directing meetings on the Maya-Max to Unreal engine pipeline with modellers and stakeholders who are unfamiliar with the game production pipeline
  • Quality control of all art assets from Maya/Max into Unreal and their respective textures
  • One-person complete assembly of Maya/Max 3D assets from modellers into Unreal, and transferring all asset files from UDK to Unreal Engine 4 mid-project. Over 4,000+ assets managed, organized in hierarchy, placed and dressed in level build, checked for mesh, texture, lighting and shader quality. I was the key content manager for the final production build in conjunction with programmer
  • Creation of the majority of in-Engine shaders, including glass shaders, water shaders, car shaders, sky shader, animated ad shaders, and architectural shaders
  • Spearheaded prototyping for lighting, camera controllers for a touch-screen interface, and UI
  • Additional modelling, texturing, and clean-up work for store-fronts, cars, and light-map work for the base architecture
  • Producer for internal communication for quality control and pipeline standards, and communication to different stakeholders, including clients, and showcase opportunities for the team


RCM_SEntFountain_01_ed RCM_SEnt_BambooCourt RCM_NightMarket_02 RCM_NEnt_ExteriorOverview RCM_LilacHall RCM_ForestCourt_02_ed RCM_FoodCourt_Outside_03
SEnt_CarShowcase RCM_WEnt_StoreInt_02 RCM_WEnt_Ads01