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Poem: Bleached Ocean (draft)

You brought her to the ocean edge. She wondered how much it would hurt If she held her breath without any peace. If she trailed into the waves on her own, Met mantle crusts that squeeze her side Just for imagining different shore lines. Times you’ve shared pilgrimage in virtuous lines, Couldn’t say she was […]

Poem: 4’33” and Variations

He was tremendous to me, once. Told me everything I wanted to hear. Into the long night, it was Where everything was analyzable. We scrutinized every silence and Lorded over that time, that space. We seemed unafraid to speak our Minds: Restless, young, brash. There were silences when we Watched each other breathe, Wanted to […]

Poem: Unseasonally

Unseasonally that winter, The heat burnished street corners Into a filmy, snow-less static. Songbirds twisted their heads In confusion, as pedestrians Gestured at one another In hesitant notes and climes. I think I waved at you then, Just as your heels stuck to the mud. For that moment, it was as though No cars moved, […]

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[Press] Versions: Inside Eviction Notice

I’ve a delightful time speaking with Caty McCarthy, editor of Versions. Versions focuses on AR/VR/MR development at Kill Screen, including experimental works! She asked me questions about collaborative development of Eviction Notice and how it went from game jam to its current iteration with a collaborative team, how it contrasts with my work on my 3D […]

Poem: SmallTalkBig

Where are you from? I ask not the typical question; I mean how you would paint yourself, Whence you’re developing your core. I mean that I see myself in a nest of mazes, Colors and meandering wildflower ideas, Being wholly comfortable in complexities, And simultaneously needing to gulp down more air, Flirting with reality and […]

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BMCAA 10th Unconference Talk: On Narrative Design

I had a great time presenting at U of T Biomedical Communications Alumni Association’s 10th annual Unconference on 2016-Nov-19! I presented a talk entitled “Designing for Narratives in VR and Visual Novels“. I talked about my modus operandi, and my method of designing from narrative-first then follow through with game mechanics, rather than the other […]