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Freelance illustration for Autodesk in Nov 2014, using Sketchbook Pro 7. This original digital painting is 3600 x 5400 pixels. “Outsiders” describes an alien spacecraft hovering to meet idyllic Victorian villagers for the first time. Perhaps one day, I will paint the scene of their greeting from multiple angles.


A Christmas collaboration with Robby Duguay! He made some awesome game-meets-Christmas-carol music in his album called 12 GBs of Christmas, and he asked me to create some Final Fantasy VII inspired art! I went with a really simple scene featuring Aeris and completed it within a few days. It’s low poly and low framerate, just like […]

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Real Estate Unreal Engine 4: Interactive Visualization

The goals for this project was to create a 3D showcase of a future mall’s realty development, with seamless visibility between exteriors and interiors, with beautifully realistic and polished next-generation art. It is showcased on high-resolution touch-screen devices for a fully-featured real estate experience. My contributions to this project includes: Lead in research and development for engine […]

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Exploring Babel

Babel has been an interesting process lately because I am going back to the drawing board for a number of design considerations, in order to better create a match between storytelling and immersion. Script writing continues to be an iterative process, which helps articulate the scope of the game, since it is narrative-driven. There will continue […]


Scar Tissue from TOJam 9

While buried with other work obligations, I was really pleased to have the chance to work with some really talented people at this year’s TOJam 9, the largest game jam in Toronto. For the uninitiated, it means that participants in teams of their choosing have 48 hours the weekend of April 25 to 27 to create […]


Updates from Winter to Spring

Hi! It’s been fairly quiet here since the New Year because I’ve been working on one of the most challenging and busy contract projects by far, by doing a lot of fundamental in-game engine work. Whenever I can, I have tried to make some spare time for adding to game design concepts, aesthetics and writing fiction. […]