Immersion and society through the joy of games

Vivid Foundry is an interactive digital media studio that creates original, artistic stories. We use the power of interactivity to humanize social concerns and empower civic stories, and foster socially engaging conversations.

Tanya Kan, Founder, created Vivid Foundry out of a passion for diverse stories that engage people from all walks of life and encourage them to experiment. She values games as a great medium for education, artistic immersion, and social engagement. With over five years’ experience working in interactive digital media production, Tanya is fluent in Unreal, Unity, 3DS Max modeling for game development pipelines, illustration, game writing, production management, testing and consultancy. Tanya’s academic passions in Political Science and Cinema Studies lead Vivid Foundry’s media works to articulate society’s dreams and fears, combined with a heady exploration of media aesthetic and form.

Solace State Team


Tanya Kan

Tanya Kan

Executive Producer & Director

Tanya’s role at Vivid Foundry includes administration, business development, fundraising, prototyping, and marketing. On Solace State, the bulk of her work is on level building and game content development, art direction and creating 3D art assets, writing and editing the narrative script, game design, and project management.

Core Team Specialists

Gabriela Kim Passos

Programmer & Developer

Gabi brings Solace State’s game mechanics and engine tools to life. Gabi has experience in C, C++, C#, JS, and other programming languages, with a focus on gameplay, AI and UX programming and design in Unity and Unreal. Recently, as lead developer, Gabi launched Yumi and Boom, an animated VR experience.

Andrew Traviss


Andrew is key to coding Solace State’s prototype, structuring highly maintainable and customizable systems, and polishing development for release. He has 14 years of software development experience, including the release of Fate Tectonics as CTO of Golden Gear Games, and various client work in Unity, Ren’Py, Playstation 4, iOS and Android.

Dave Proctor

Project Manager

Dave is the Director and Founder of Mighty Yell Studios, and is helping the Solace State team meet their production goals. His company prides positive attitude and energetic development above all else, key to helping Toronto studios ship their games. Mighty Yell is the top prize recipient of the 2018 EGLX pitch competition.

Silverstring Media

Narrative Consultants

Lucas J.W. Johnson and Claris Cyarron of Silverstring Media support Tanya in the process of inclusive and diverse storytelling by honing our storytelling on social rights. Silverstring Media has worked on games such as Where the Water Tastes Like Wine, Crypt of the Necrodancer, Extrasolar, and Celeste. They are the creators of the 2014 Canadian Videogame Award-finalist Glitchhikers, Progeny, Tectr, Viral Dusty Dead Identity Quiz, Morning Rituals, and Patient #.

Courtney "Seage" Howlett

2D Character Artist

Seage works with Tanya’s art direction to deliver detailed, ethnically diverse characters with a colourful pastiche of personality. He is a fashion and fantasy 2D illustrator who has previously worked on tabletop RPGs, card games, and graphic novels, and has featured in ImagineFX, SuperSelected, and STAMP Magazine.

Robby Duguay

Composer, Sound Designer

Robby creates electronic k-pop and melodic trip-hop soundtracks and sounds for Solace State. He is the audio director of Level Curve, a full-service audio and music production studio. His game soundtracks include A Mortician’s Tale, Fate Tectonics, Loud on Planet X, WE ARE DOOMED, Graceful Explosion Machine, and Blasters of The Universe.

Key Previous Contributors

Sarah Padillo, Intern (Ryerson TMZ)
Kaitlin Tremblay, Narrative Consultant
Nina Bascos, Production Assistant
Ian Hsu, 2D Character Artist
Paul Wong, Videographer, Cultural Consultant
Stephanie Lee, Video Assistant
Hello J, Makeup
Mikki Benaglia, 3D Artist
Black Withers, 3D Artist
Robert Richard, Programmer

Grants and Funders

Toronto Arts Council – Media Arts
Ontario Arts Council – Media Arts, mid-career
Ontario Media Development Corporation – Global Market Development
Canada Council of the Arts – Explore and Create