Babel is a single-player 3D video game that encourages the player to explore and solve puzzles to piece together a complex, narrative-driven world. This world is set in an alternate-history, current-day Hong Kong. This vertically structured urban jungle will tell the story of a people with contrasting cultures and ideologies, with dreams of improving their social standings, coloured by their personal ethics and fears. As you search for a missing friend, you are drawn into a brewing discontent between an underground group claiming to speak on behalf of the people, and a conglomerate that owns most of the city.

I’ve since changed the art direction for this significantly, since I created this in a few days in time for an ideation roundtable with local game devs! Nonetheless, it shows some of the themes that I will be developing for, even though I will likely change the Engine from UDK to Unity.

Please view in full screen in HD for optimal quality. Thank you.


Wastes is a fully realized environment running real-time in UDK. It is meant to be an art showcase piece rather than a gameplay environment. In a team of five, we created a post-apocalyptic environment from ideation to real-time deployment.

This cinematic showcases our vision with the storied, post-apocalyptic space.

I played dual roles of Producer and Environment Modeller for this project. I had ensured the quality and timeliness of our art team to create a realtime interior environment, and advised on scale of work in cooperation with level designer, art director, and executive producer.


The fire escape sleeping area is the asset that I independently created for the environment. It is rendered above (with grey background) in Marmoset. The ones in level are real-time in UDK.




A parturition surgical bed for an atmospheric thriller showcase piece. Real-time in UDK.


Original concept art piece for Parturition Ward.

Low-high poly process.